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Pressefächer Cathay

Brilliant iron oxide pigments at ECS 2015
Visitors convinced by CATHAY’s colour spectrum

Ninove/Nuremberg 18 May 2015. At the European Coatings Show 2015 in Nuremberg, today’s largest event in the regional business sector, CATHAY INDUSTRIES presented its High Chroma Reds. Providing intense colour strength, these bright iron oxide pigments are indicated to be used in industrial paints and varnishes. Moreover, visitors came to the company’s booth to get to know CATHAY’s service and support performances, which comprise extensive efforts concerning the introduction of pigments in the customer’s process.

Industrial paints and varnishes function as decorative or protective layers. Products applied on buildings‘ floors and walls for example require a broad colour palette to fulfil special demands. CATHAY’s High Chroma Reds offer a wide range to respond to these market requirements. In addition, these iron oxide pigments provide elevated brilliance to paints. As CATHAYCOATTM Reds of the double A series can partially substitute certain organic pigments in some applications with shades from light red to medium red, they may be a cost efficient option. Beyond this, manufacturers of paints benefit from hydrophilic properties of the pigments and soft crystals simplifying the dispersing procedure. Thanks to the pigment surface the process time can be reduced so that capacities and energy will be saved.

Beside high quality and state-of-the-art products for coatings applications, CATHAY presented its service and support package including pre-, in- and after-sales activities. With its extensive Research and Development approach the company can adopt pigments to the user’s requirements – in reference to colour shade, surface characteristics or particle size distribution. Joint testing within the customer’s system ensures excellent final products. Consultancy on site as well as technical and logistical advice complete the pigment manufacturer’s service portfolio.

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