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New colour shades offer new possibilities
CATHAY INDUSTRIES expands its product range of granular pigments

Ninove, 20 July 2017. Iron oxide pigment manufacturer CATHAY INDUSTRIES has been extending its portfolio of granulated pigments for the European Market. In addition to the standard range, the CATHAYGRAN TM line now includes a new variety of colours for the use in construction materials.

In 2015, the company had started the production of spray-dried CATHAYGRAN TM red, yellow and black pigments in Tongling, China. Since then the initial portfolio has been constantly developed further and today offers a broad range of colour shades including oranges, light, medium and dark browns as well as greens. CATHAY offers to make individual granule shades based on special customer request.

The spray-dried CATHAYGRAN TM products have been developed for the use in all common dosing systems. They are characterised by excellent flow properties and by ease of dispersion during the end user’s mixing process. Consequently, these pigments achieve outstanding levels of colour development.

From colourful shades to white and black

Furthermore, today the manufacturer also provides spray-dried granules based on titanium dioxide and carbon black pigments in order to cover the market needs for white and deep black coloration. These products offer all the well-known properties of the CATHAYGRAN TM colour portfolio.

Close to operators

All of these CATHAY INDUSTRIES pigments are available in paper bags for manual dosing units as well as in bulk bags for the use in automatic dosing systems. As the company operates a number of storage locations throughout the European continent, proximity to customers and thus fast delivery times are secured.

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