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From brick to decorative paint
CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers a large variety of pigments for construction and coatings industry

Ninove, 16 September 2014. Since their formation in 1979 CATHAY INDUSTRIES Group has had the ambition to support producers of coloured products with pigments from the latest technology. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic iron oxides the company serves the European market with pigments for a vast variety of application areas like construction and coatings. The product range of inorganic pigments is completed by a number of derivates and pigments of other chemistries.

Along the lines of “Bringing colour and more to your world” the enterprise offers a vast range of products for many different applications with the construction and the coatings industries being the largest consumers. Furthermore, CATHAY INDUSTRIES is the only company in the world running a plant fully dedicated to the manufacturing of high purity oxides. In addition, chrome oxides, mixed metal oxides, cobalt blue and titanium dioxides as well as a number of organic pigments form the portfolio of standard and specialty products. In the building industry, such as for example paving blocks, bricks and roof tiles, the products are consumed in powder, liquid or granulated form, whilst the users in the coatings industry mainly prefer very fine micronized powders for a maximised colour development. In this application the pigments are dispersed in binder systems for decorative and protective paints, wood stains and other surface coating materials. Moreover, the spectrum covers polymers, papers and a long list of other uses up to the very sophisticated high purity applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. CATHAY produces in compliance with global quality standards certified through ISO norms. All products are registered in conformity to the European registration legislation REACh. Environmental safety and sustainability form an integral part of the company philosophy.

The way to a broad range

While the group headquarters are situated in Hong Kong, CATHAY’s European locations are in Belgium, England and Germany. In Belgium the company also operates a manufacturing unit for liquid products. Presently, the whole group is employing around 900 people throughout the world. In 1979 the company started with a trading activity under the name of Advanced Chemicals Ltd. and began with manufacturing in 1984. After the renaming to CATHAY Pigments, the enterprise expanded its global business and enlarged its sales network in the late 1990’s. Investments into technology as well as the acquisition of the magnetic pigments business from ISK Chemicals Group contributed to a broader range of products. In 2008 the manufacturer changed its name into CATHAY INDUSTRIES, based on this production diversification. By expanding the fabrication facilities in China the company currently increases its global capacities.

The approach to applicable pigments

CATHAY orients its research and development activities towards customers’ needs. As a result, the company produces pigments, which are adapted to their use in specific application areas, and provides standard as well as individual grades. Stocks situated at several places throughout Europe assure short delivery times at competitive cost. Investments into new manufacturing sites, latest production technologies and dynamic advancements are the basis for CATHAY’s future activities.
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