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Sustainable transparent iron oxide pigments
New EnvironOxide® range by CATHAY INDUSTRIES

Ninove, 14 March 2018. Hoover Color, a division of the CATHAY INDUSTRIES Group, has introduced a new class of transparent iron oxides. Being the result of an environmental restoration effort which involves recovering iron oxide from abandoned mine drainage, the EnvironOxide® products are the world’s first iron oxide pigments produced with such unique manufacturing process. Just like their conventional counterpart, these pigments have high purity and quality, show excellent performance and are even easier to disperse.

Even long after coal mines were closed, toxic waste water laden with acidic sulfate still migrates to the surface, thus degrading thousands of streams, lakes and rivers. Hoover Color, a division of the CATHAY INDUSTRIES Group, utilises a patented production method to recover iron oxides from mine drainage, leaving behind clear, clean water. Manufactured in Hiwassee, Virginia, USA, the new EnvironOxide® pigments are similar in their properties to conventional transparent iron oxides. The CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ sales network provides global availability.

Recycling waste streams into pigments

The new, sustainable pigments are sourced from polluted water of abandoned coal mines which is channelled through a series of ponds and wetlands, where iron is precipitated and can be removed. While having no effect on the water’s sulfate content, this causes a rise in the ph level from acid to neutral. The iron can no longer stay in solution and precipitates out as iron oxide. When enough material is collected, it is harvested. The result is clean water that is returned to the environment free from toxic waste. As rain water continues to wash out the abandoned coal mines, availability is practically unlimited.

Three micronised shades for a wide colour range

Currently, there are three shades of micronised pigments available, all of which can also be used in combination with other transparent or semi-transparent products for a wider range of colours. High transparency levels, an excellent dispersability as well as good tinting strength characterise the quality of the product line. These properties make the EnvironOxide® pigments particularly suitable for the use in wood coatings. When utilised in combination with Hoover Color’s other black and brown pigments, the transparent brown, red and yellow EnvironOxide® products create a vast selection of colours which enhance the visual appearance of wood furniture and building materials, whilst at the same time providing protection and prolonging their longevity.

Excellent price-quality-ratio

The sustainable pigments are in no way inferior to traditional transparent iron oxide pigments, which are either mined or manufactured synthetically. All of the EnvironOxide® pigments have high purity levels and are lightfast, chemical resistant and durable. Their processing is highly convenient as the EnvironOxide® products are easy to disperse and do not require bead-milling. They are suitable for processing in high speed dispersers. This new class of pigments comes at a very favourable cost and offers companies a colorant for developing “green” technologies for a sustainable contribution in coatings manufacturing.

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